Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Deluxe E-Cigarette Starter Kit by VapingVamps

Sleek black e-cigarette battery. Beautifully gift boxed.

Our 'Deluxe Starter Kit' is perfect for regular women smokers who want to switch to vaping to vanquish the vile stuff in cigarettes.
You’ll want two batteries, because you’ll always want to have one ready and charged so you won’t have to go back to smoking!
It includes:
  • Two lithium rechargeable batteries
  • Five cartomizers* (equal to about 2 packs)
  • One USB charger
  • One wall charger
  • All in a beautiful gift box. (Perfect for your friends, moms and daughters!)
It comes in five delicious e-cig flavors. Every e-cig flavor was tested and voted on by our Vaping Vamps test panel:
  • Caroline.* Classic tobacco, smooth & fresh (subtle mint)
  • Mint Julie. Tobacco with a delightful mint finish
  • Caramella. Silky, rich caramel – without the calories!
  • Tia Berry. Sweet teaberry with a hint of wintergreen
  • Mango Lola. Freshly picked mango, smooth and sweet

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